Alumni Network

Welcome to National Law University Delhi’s Alumni Portal. The purpose of this page is to reach out and embrace all our past students who have called NLU Delhi their home and build a stronger and more robust NLU Delhi Alumni Association.

We understand that life after college becomes complex, with our altered priorities and burden of new responsibilities. But this should in no way be a reason to lose touch with your friends, batchmates, seniors and juniors from the University.

The Alumni Association can help you stay connected with your friends, with your faculty that taught and guided you and with the vast resources available at NLU Delhi. The Association is designed to support you as you pursue your post-academic life and career.

The Association can also serve as a way of giving back to the University. From career and academic mentoring to volunteering time at on- and off-campus events to simply attending academic and social events. You will find various ways of giving back through this Association and we would love to see you participate actively this way. NLU Delhi's strength lies in its alumni. We consider our alumni to be ambassadors of our university and carriers of our legacy.

Come, explore ways of engaging with NLU Delhi and deepen your experience as an alum. Join the NLU Delhi Alumni network and encourage others to do the same.

Department of Alumni Relations